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“All you need for a movie is a girl and a gun.” French director Jean-Luc Godard’s famous quote influences Cathryne Czubek’s documentary title choice, ‘A Girl and A Gun.’ Her new film examines the relationship between women and guns in American culture. Don’t worry gun lovers; this film does not take a stance for or against the ownership of guns. It explores why women choose to use and own firearms. It’s at its best when Czubek’s vignettes let us glimpse at the reasons why these women love their guns. As blogger Violet Blue notes, “It’s owning my womanhood.” She bought her first gun after getting death threats while writing a weekly column for the San Francisco Chronicle.

I really can’t explain why girls with guns are so freaking hot. I just know that an average 7 could easily turn into a 9 when you see her holding two glocks or heck, even a paintball or laser tag gun could do the trick.

Sexy Cambodian Model Name: Lyla Dee Birth Date: Sept. 30, 1982 Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Ethnicity: Cambodian Zodiac: Height: 5?0″ Weight: 95 Lbs Measurements: 34c-22-36 Hair: Black Eyes:Brow

There are models (famous and not so famous) that sling guns during photo shoots. These models portray a vision of hot sexy powered up to Kill!